Here is a VOD from May 11th where Homme does no reset runs. Consistently 8:40ish but the final run did cut the Cak. Not advocating for or against the legitimacy of his runs, but wanted to share this VOD because it does at least show him getting an 8:30.


Hey, I sent yesterday a message to ilm and whitman on twitch about all that. I sent it on twitch because I couldn't find any place where this was discussed. Anyway, for transparency's sake, i'll copy/paste it here unaltered.


Hey, I decided to contact both of you (I'm sending this exact same message to whitman_price_ and to iluvmario) directly after looking into this mess and hearing about it from some french people (also discussed it with bjw).
So the french runner HommePNIS (what a nickname i know) submitted a run "supposedly" being a WR with a time of 8:26.7. Now to get that out of the way first, I suspect the run is slightly mistimed and should be a higher 26 or maybe even low 27, it would need to be timed precisely. Not only does the timer seem slightly inaccurate at the start and end, but his final time isn't very consistent with some of the execution, in 6-1 in particular. And anyway for a run like that it should always be framecounted.

That being said it seems that he's unfairly treated unless I'm missing some informations about the motivations behind your decisions. Not only did you reject his run but his previous runs were deleted from Why would you do that without any actual proof or without contacting him (to my knowledge) about it? The guy isn't coming from nowhere as you seem to think, he's been playing the game for the Ultime Decathlon 3, you can see him in past broadcasts including at least this one . Additionally he also streamed a series of "no reset" (or close to) runs on his twitch account recently, you can see one hour of footage here: . The footage seems pretty consistent with what he's showing in his alledged WR from what I can tell. And of course additionally there's all the previous runs he submitted to (and uploaded on Youtube). fyi he said on twitter he played the game between 150 and 200 hours total up to the point when he got his PB (it's short but doesn't seem that unrealistic for something like smb2u any%). I doubt bjw has spent much more on the game for example (but I haven't asked him that).

To be clear, I'm not saying the possibility he cheats is non-existant. He might have done a cleverly disguised TAS and all (it's always the annoying possibility with runs coming from emulators offline obviously but that's another debate). But nothing in the footage indicates TASing for sure (if anything his execution seems clean but not incredible), he has a background with the game and other footage to watch and analyze. So I think that at the very least he should be contacted and it should be discussed with him? Maybe you can ask him if he can upload a video or two of attempts' sessions, stuff like that, as I suspect he has some. Treating him like you did makes other players feel for good reasons that you are locking the LB between "friends".

If you're wondering why I of all people contact you about this, it's for two reasons mainly. First I care about smb2u a lot (I'll prolly run it in the future) and it pains me to see this happening, but also (maybe more importantly) I know there's a rift between most of the french speedrunning community and the rest of speedrunners. And events like that can only contribute to it, so I'd like to prevent that if possible.

PS: I'll emphasize it again, MAYBE (as much as i doubt it) he cheated, but he was certainly not treated fairly.

Thanks for your time, take care

(edited: )

One quick comment on the time. I saw how off the timer was off also so I downloaded the video off YouTube and opened it in Yua. Now, the video is only at 30 FPS but I took the video and started frame after start is pressed and ended frame after up is pressed at the door. The time I got from that was 8:27.0 so I'm of the opinion that the run is not a 8:26.


Where did all the posts go? ilm and whitman had just replied to me too so I linked them to this thread, but now most of it is gone.


Well you should definitely not be a mod then.


I watched the VODs and they look very good and show the skill level needed to get an 8:26/8:27. It is good that Homme has done some live stream recordings that are out there. However, there also was an earlier VOD that was one of the main reasons I initially doubted the time. I had actually disregarded this after seeing the more recent stuff, but after getting the message from Kirua I saw this again and it made me wonder.

Not sure if people have seen this, and I guess it could be offset by the other VODs, but this was from the French community Ultime Decathlon 3 weekly (?) Mario 2 race on May 7th. The run starts around the 1:25:40 mark.


I am unhappy that I didn't get to read any of the pointless bickering, lol

It's testing season and I've not been around. I hope it was juicy


ERM... so this is the alleged new wr hodler of smb2 any%, huh?

i don't think a vote on this guy is necessary at this point. after watching the footage from that marathon, it's pretty easy to tell that he obviously has no idea what he's doing lol. i mean, my grandmother could play mario better than that...

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Yeah there's a huge contrast between that run and the other footage i'd seen of him (including another UD3 stuff). Additionally, check the other thread ilm, there's more infos there

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