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i'd like to share some ideas i had regarding leaderboards, timing and rules in general. Here's my proposals:

1- Instead of having 4 separate leaderboards for each character any% run, we could use subcategories. So it would be something like: main category Any% 1 character -> Sub categories: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess. This would apply to both the NES and SNES version
2- The subcategory feature could be also used for the "classic" categories. I mean, we could have: main category NES -> subcategories: any%, warpless. SNES -> any% no s+q...etc..
3- Adjust the timing rules for all stars version. Is there a reason why we stop the timer after grabbing the cork instead of doing like the NES version?
4- Moving the All Stars leaderbaords to the Super Mario All Stars page, which only contains multi-game categories.

What do you think about it?

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The leaderboard could use some work for sure, I think "Any% 1 character" with sub categories would be better than what we have today.
I also personally would rather have all-star categories on the all-star board, its a bit annoying to get notifications for times I dont care about when im here for the NES game only..

But I leave that to the mods

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The SMB1 community doesn't like at all the idea of having the All Stars run under the All Stars board. So i guess the idea n°4 should be put on hold for now. Let's focus on the other two things.


I will say 1 thing about SMB1 boards though, all-stars is put under misc. Maybe that could be an option, and take out the ACTUAL smb2 nes categories under a new tab?


I was told the reason of the "stop the timer on uncorking" was because that's how they did it in japan. That doesn't make much sense to me since RTA is normally on last input, isn't it? Your last input is going through the door.


i'd second moving it to the all stars page. Personally, i care about SMB2 and not Allstars so I also get a little annoyed to see I have an alert/notification only to see its not in the actual game I follow. Sounds like I'm not the only one.

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All of these changes seem completely reasonable to me.


Yeah All-Stars categories should be on that game's page IMO. The games don't really play the same IIRC, so idk why they'd be on the same board. Also, stopping timing on final input seems exactly how it should be, not sure why the cork thing transferred over.


Well the first thing i can do is converting the all stars time to the NES ones.


I'm not against garadas' idea, but I'm not sure if the ones who follow the all-stars page would appreciate having all the SNES mario 2 times crammed into that leaderboard. Personally, I think that putting all the all-stars times under the misc. tab, like in smb1, might be a better idea, but that's just my opinion. I'm not sure if there would be any unwanted notifications still, but it would also make the leaderboard look a little more organized too.

Perhaps you should see what Jeffsledge thinks about the idea, as he ran the game before any of us and mains the all-stars versions.

Also, sorry I haven't been streaming lately, been addicted to another game offline. I don't know when I'll feel like speedrunning again either, but this might be my next project since i do want to improve Warpless some more for NES at some point.


Hey ILM,
can't wait to see you improve warpless.
Anyway some folks in the SMB1 forum thought it could be a good idea to have a single leaderboard for every SNES game (such as SMB2 SNES only with all the categories). This could maybe be a decent compromise.

Also, i think the timing thing can be set to "when the screen completely turns black". Because SNES version has a transition that makes it a little more difficult than NES.
I'll see what i can do this week and try to get in touch with Jeff.


Their solution would be to create 3 new game boards? If people are so against having All-Star runs under All-Stars, Id rather keep it as it is rather than creating 3 new game pages in need for moderation. I may have misunderstood what they meant there, but I'd have to put my foot down for that personally.


yeah, they wanted to leave the all stars leaderboard for multi games only..


I've wondered why the variants of a category are not kept under the same tab. I.E 1 character tab with Luigi, Mario, button etc.Seems like it would consolidate quite a bit. I've also wondered why no 1 character All levels boards don't exist. Maybe not enough interest?

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they actually exist, i've found out there is a category extension board for SMB2. With those category you mentioned.

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I think making 3 separate leaderboards for each of the SNES versions is kind of a silly idea. And if the all-stars community doesn't want the smb2 runs on there, then I say just keep it the way it is to make things simple. I don't really understand exactly why these changes even need to be made in the first place, other than people just don't want the notifications.

As for the timing, again, not a bad idea. But as far as i know, cork timing has always been the way the all-stars runs have been timed, so if that is changed all of a sudden, that could upset some of the original runners of that version. If the other runners for the all-stars version also think that's a good idea, then I don't really see the problem with it. It would give everyone a free 3 seconds shaved off their times at the very least.


Ok i will just drop the idea of having the SNES versions separated. The idea just came out because there were other cases of leaderboards separations (e.g. Maniac Mansion). I will just leave the things as they are and talk to jeff about the cork idea. Tnx guys for your response!

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Jeff is ok with timing NES and SNES in the same way, i will adjust the times as soon as i get back home tomorrow.

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