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Hello, I'm new to speedrunning and interested in submitting a time for this game (princess% 13:18, nothing special, still learning) however, I don't have video recording equipment. Is it possible to just submit a camera phone video of me playing?

I love this game and I really want to be involved with the community.

Thanks in advance!


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Hey TerriaMachine, you definitely chose a good game (and category) to start with. The community as a whole is great and Mario 2 has a decent amount of runners, although most people only play it from time to time. If you have any particular questions about the game, feel free to post them.

You should really get video recording equipment if you want to get into speedrunning seriously, streaming is a big part of it. I wouldn't worry too much about submitting a time, but if you want to send a video of your cell phone recording, then go for it. It should get accepted as long as it can be verified as legit, although I am not sure how a cell phone videos would come through. But, if you are planning to do serious attempts and submit better times, then you really need to get something to record with. There are plenty of cheap capture cards and free recording software.

Good luck!

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Thanks very much. I watched your run at AGDQ 16 and admire your skills very much.

I will look into getting recording equipment soon. I just got a PB of 12:43 yesterday!


What happened TerriaMachine? How come you never submitted a run? 🙂