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i was speedrunning this game and i believe i was on world record speed, then a glitch happened that ruined the speedrun completely.
the item toad puts down to enter warp zone got stuck between 2 blocks and ruined the game
I think i am the only person who came across this glitch, i looked it up and nobody else published details about i!

please have a look and write a comment on the youtube video if you have any further information about the glich

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actually it was no wear near world record now that i think about it! sorry

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I've run into this before, and I'm sure quite a few other SMB2 runners have as well. This is a result of how certain objects behave when landing on ground (or what the game believes to be ground). Similar to a mushroom block, potion doors can only spawn on complete tiles and not between tiles, so they snap around to the closest tile they can based on where the potion lands. For this specific scenario, the potion is landing on the vase (solid ground), but so far to the left that the door also snaps to the left and ends up floating in midair.


I've performed this wonderful magic at least 5 times in my past two streams. I think I did it back to back once.


very interesting bjw and roopert83! i'm glad i wasn't the only one!


I had this problem in a race yesterday. And multiple times in the past.


New glitch found that ruined world record pase speedrun


this post really showed something funny. If I were you, on pace for pb and that happened I would probably throw my NES out the window


Ezra its only 1-3 tho lol


If it were a later I would