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I was messing around on a dead run during the Wart fight and I managed to hit him after the final hit and he glitched and flew off screen. This caused the door to spawn 3 seconds faster than usual. I frame counted it from the first frame of final hit when he changes colors to the first frame the door fully appears and compared it to a normal fight (fanfare skip not used in either) and the glitched kill was 212 frames while a normal kill was 395. Can someone pick it apart to see how precise the hit needs to be to get this glitch kill and if we can find a consistent setup for it?

Here's links to the VOD and to a downloadable file to look at it frame by frame.


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Dunno if it makes any difference but I was playing the Jap version on an original SNES using an Everdrive.

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That can happen in the NES version as well; I believe it's already known if you can time your toss.

Actually, this happened recently to @ShesChardcoreShesChardcore and there's a clip: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​sheschardcore/​clip/​PerfectFaintCrowPeoplesChamp


Interesting. I had never seen it before. Do we know what the timing for the hit is and how lenient it is?

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