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I think it would introduce a new challenge for those who run console and/or emulator. Performing certain frame perfect tricks via emulator is next to impossible in some cases because of the emus frame skipping (1-1 POW block trick or 1-2 veggie trick). Would give those atop the leader board a new challenge. Would give those stuck running on emulators a renewed interest.


I disagree. SMB1 players are able to hit multiple sequences of frame perfect inputs on emulator (i.e. FPG) and there are a lot of players who have learned how to do that. I consider that much more difficult than both of the tricks you mentioned.

SM64 is split up because the game performs differently (i.e. lag) between N64/VC/Emulator. A number of NES/SNES emulators are cycle-accurate, so you don't have that discrepancy here.

I don't understand how this change would renew interest or provide a new challenge.

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I think your example is a bit anecdotal, tricks are different for everyone. I run on console but can use a keyboard to do all the tricks I normally do. I hope your hardware doesn't stop you from speedrunning my dude

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