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Hello! Will runs from the Switch version be accepted?

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It's a official Nintendo release so I would think so! But would like to hear other people on the subject!

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Hi, Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.3 seem to have accepted the Nintendo Switch.
What is the reason why you cannot add it?

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The Nintendo Switch version runs at 60 fps flat so its not faster than the original. If the Wii VC is accepted, then the Nintendo Switch Version should be accepted!

The Category Extensions have accepted the switch version...

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Thank you. Category Extensions are approved. The game moderators here knew they could apply the Nintendo Switch platform without actually applying for a record.
Actually, the platform of Nintendo Switch will be applied if someone of the runner posts.

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Added. There should really be no reason to disallow it. This is a pretty quiet leaderboard and may have just been an oversight.

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