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C-can't you contact the runner too? For the love of god.


Did you ask him to upload a video of a session of attempts? Anybody grinding offline has recordings like that. If he doesn't, it pretty much means he's guilty.


It was 5 runs with mostly no reset, it's a ridiculous sample. With a real recording of actual attempts the sample for 1-2 and 6-1 for example would be way larger and useful. We've discussed that already. bjw has done streams where he got 1-2 5 times in a row i mean...

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Listen let's put it this way. The guy HAS (if he's clean) to have a folder full of sessions of attempts. Now there's multiple possibilities:

1/ he says he has no video of that sort to upload, then it's 99.9% sure he cheats just based on that
2/ he uploads a single video of attempt that can't be dated exactly and maybe he went through the trouble of TASing another video etc, wouldn't necessarily help (particularly a relatively short video), need better than that
3/ he has multiple multi-hours videos to upload, stuff like that. and then it can be analyzed properly. given the time he's spent and the time period, he necessarily had to do multi-hours sessions of attempts and recorded them. so if he used turbo on them (or other types of cheats) it'll be clear as day on a larger sample.


Thank you, I sincerely appreciate that you contacted him again! If there's any translation issue with him you can always contact me if needed, but if not my role here is done. Thanks for your time.


Don't they all have one? I haven't used every emulator but the ones i have all had one.


A vote? That's ridiculous.
I have written to whitman_price my idea for this issue already, so let me repeat it here:
Make him do another session of no reset attempts like the one he streamed, but make him use a romhack or cheat code that subtly changes the game (just as an example: more/less boss health) that you give him right before the stream. Whether he suddenly can't do it anymore or whether he plays just as well as usual will show what's going on.


I think the uploads and cheat code/romhack streaming stuff are all good ideas. For the turbo thing, his response when I asked him was that he hasn't used turbo, but he has used his arcade stick to tap faster. I am not exactly sure what that means, but kind of a strange response for this game.

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Just so you know, today he replied to me on Youtube (to some message i posted a couple of days ago or something explaining to people wondering that it was still being investigated). Anyway short version is I told him to show his folder of attempts/upload examples of videos, and also to come here and reply in this thread (and that I would help him with english if needed). Dunno what he'll do but just to keep you informed, hoping he'll pop up.

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He says he doesn't have the attempts videos anymore... Overall he just doesn't seem to take this seriously, which doesn't fit the image of someone who would go for the WR on such a game. Added to the fact he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to prove he's not a cheater, + half-assed inaccurate timing and all. Well this is getting slightly big to swallow.

edit: he then pulled of the cliché "i don't care if you don't believe me" that all cheaters use when caught. i'm not part of the smb2 community so obviously i'm not gonna tell you what to decide, but as far as i'm concerned (i would have stopped being involved yesterday if he hadn't been so talkative with me today suddenly) i'm not spending more time on this, my mind is set. (if you speak french, you can read our discussion in the youtube comments of his video)