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New to this game, none of the categories mention rules. I assume they are relatively straightforward based on the category names, but I just wanted to make sure.

Also, any reason why All Levels is used instead of 100%?


I think 100% includes Mushrooms in each level.


yeah... I don't see any rules... do think a mod could get that fixed at all? or maybe not, whatever they wanna do i guess.


Yeah rules should explain timing, why is NES and SNES versions end time not the same?


I will add some info on timing to the rules, but for the NES the timer begins when you press Start on the title screen before character select (kind of annoying in itself). The timer ends when you enter the door after giving wart dinner and then helping him go to sleep (definitely not killing him). I am not sure the reasoning, maybe the SNES was done that way for JRTA timing, I never ran that one.