1-1 fast egg cycle with princess
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1-1 fast egg cycle with princess
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i found that it is possible to make the fastest egg shot in 1-1 using princess. in order to do it, a slightly different clip must be performed in the cave.

the clip is tricky, but i will try to explain my best how to do it:

  • first, you need to try to charge jump as soon as possible.
  • once you are up top and grab the shyguy, throw him against the left wall.
  • when you are at the bottom of the pit, press up as soon as the shyguy falls on your head, then immediately start holding down.
  • once you are able to move again after taking damage, start mashing the down button.
  • you do not need to be perfect, but the window in order to make the egg shot is pretty tight.
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So the clip kinda works in the same way you clip in All Stars 1-1 with mario, right? Nice find!

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This works with all characters on every version of the game.