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I run on my ps4 and ps vita, what timers would work and what are some good strats for any% runs on console


Whatever timer you like. Most of us use Livesplit on a PC but you can use a phone timer if you want.

Any% is the same route and strats, the only difference is you have to suffer through longer loads and the replay screen on each level.



Depends on the console, afaik ps4 is actually a marginally faster load time.


i'm new to the whole speedrunning business, smb is my first game.


I fixed super meat boy after it randomly got 17 corrupted files, (actually steam fixed it, I don't know how, but they did.) and I got rid of that nasty echo, so next time I speedrun this which I most certainly will, You won't have to deal with it.


Oh, and btw I speedrun on the Xbox 360 a while ago, never posted it but it worked great. It's a little slow on the loading time but it should be fine


i'm pretty hyped that we've got a PSVita runner in the mix, ngl

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i'm gonna try to sub my run within the weekend. hopefully


Hi, how did you run on Vita since there no way to reset your save except delete the game, and reinstall it offline ?


You can delete save data on the vita, samhus ; plus he probably just means that he plays on vita. I also run SMB on ps4 and vita, but it's nearly impossible to record vita gameplay without a playstation TV.