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SMB aftermath is the name of a chapter of levels made by Sup_bro which essentially serves as a "dark dark world" version of the original levels.

Are people interested in having these added to IL leaderboards?

Also if any other chapters are requested enough they can be added.

Here is a thread about aftermath for those who are curious:

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I didn't try it yet, can we use other characters than meat boy ?


@Hankyu, You can even though it is quite awkward on many levels for some of them since it was specifically designed for mb. Also it can only be loaded through the editor since there is no way to actually implement a chapter in the game.

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I can recommend 1-15xx with naija


A lot of the levels aren't actually bad as naija....some are

Levels like 1-15xx, 1-17xx, 1-19xx, 1-6xx, 1-4xx and I'm sure others that I'm not remembering off the top of my head are pretty nice once you figure them.


its not like the main game had levels with naija play in mind anyway


Aftermath Forest has been added since no objection was raised


Shouldn't it be the other way round that there should be certain level of interest before it is added. No reason to add it if it stays empty.


Had 2 people talk about it on steam direct to me and thats like half the IL community 🙁