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So I recently decided to get into any% runs for this game, and as I’m on PS4, resetting my run pre-hospital because I made a tiny movement mistake in Forest feels impractical. So the question I have is this: so long as I don’t complete the first boss, would my runs be verified if I already have a few levels completed? Obviously I’d be replaying them for the current run but just wondering if I’d have to delete my file on the fourth level just because I messed up the auto-jump.


They might get verified but there is no guarantee. Also you don't really want to be resetting that much on forest. It is easy to get stuck doing that even though mistakes in forest are usually pretty insignificant when considering the whole run. It is better to get more runs out of forest even if you are a bit behind.

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Okay, thanks! And yeah, the only level I’m consistent at is Forest so I suppose I’ll haveto suck up my mistakes there. Thanks!