Custom chapters/levels

By ShadaxShadax. Last updated

Giving a bit of interest to custom levels and chapters, most of them really need to be played! Feel free to share your times on some levels with others and also levels you made yourself with the editor!

Meat boy chapters:
• Super Meat Land
• Super Meat Land 2
• c:/meatboy/
• Zero Hour
• Rage Quit
• The Incident
• The Collection
• Unholy Mountain
• Expert Remix
• The passenger
• Skyship_preview
• Remnants
• Apocalypse (not finished yet, very promising chapter though, here's an overview of the project by Sup_bro)

Meat boy levels:
• Let it rain (Extremely hard and precise level)
• Gentle rain (Easier version of Let it rain)

Kid chapters:
• The Kid Xmas

Naija chapters:
• Super Aqua Girl

Ogmo chapters:
• Max Jumper
• Jumper Returns

Brownie chapters:
• Paradise Lost

Tofu boy chapters:
• Tofuboy Remix

Shoutouts to Watchurbaq for helping me completing this list.