So one of my runs was rejected because I used save & quit. I didn't know this wasn't allowed because there aren't any rules defined. So it would be nice if someone could add some rules. Maybe like this:

-Timing begins when you select "Mario" on a new file.
-Timing ends when you go through the door after defeating Bowser.
-Save and quit is not allowed.

I am also wondering why save & quit is not allowed as this category is any% which means no restrictions.


I will go ahead and add rules as soon as I have a chance and I will go ahead and verify the run since no rules were there at the time. I went ahead and did some further research and didn't see anything conclusive that would show that Save and Quit is not allowed. I suppose I am just so used to not using Save & Quit for anything that I just took it to that point. Sorry for the confusion again and best of luck to you on future runs!!