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I don't casual games before I play them so I plan on making blind/beginner friendly notes for the run. I'll post them to the guides when I'm done.

First, though, I was curious if anyone had any notes for the run already. They don't have to be super detailed or anything, just could save some time trying to understand tech or mechanics that might otherwise be kind of hard to understand simply by watching.

Second, I have the original cart as well as a flashcart with the 2.0 fan translation on it. Is there a noticeable difference in text amount and timesave? I assume japanese is faster but it's always nicer when you can play in english, lol.

Lastly, are there any rules against specific emulators? I use BSNES via Bizhawk for learning/practicing so I can use save states. I see that emu is allowed but wasn't sure if there was one that is more accurate or agreed upon in the community.

Thanks for your time!


Hey Palmer! Do I see more interest in this game? Nice! 😮

First, here are my own personal notes that I can't guarantee will be helpful to you. It also may have some incorrect information, but it's what I used to get through the game. In addition, I believe I provided these same notes to MyOhMyke and he got a couple finished runs with them just fine. Here they are: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​iSNwYYpr

Second, I was under the same assumption that Japanese is faster, but I only based that assumption on feeling and not actual evidence. It's very possible that they are quite similar or the opposite even, but I couldn't be bothered to go through hours of footage to get that definitive answer. You can use either version and it shouldn't be a huge deal either way.

Lastly, BizHawk should be fine as far as emulators go. As long as it's not ZSNES or SNES9x versions 1.4x and lower, then it should be A-OK. Also, it's important to note that since this is a Super Famicom exclusive game, in addition to the fact that it does not have a super competitive leaderboard, we agreed that turbo is allowed for this game to save our wrists. There are a TON of cutscenes in this game and mashing all of it got super tiring.

GL on learning/runs! Looking forward to see what you can do with this speedrun 😉


ayyy, my man!
I have about 15 Kiwamis so I'm all aboard the turbo hype train.

Thanks a ton my guy. I really appreciate ya!