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Hey Rom Hack Runners and the others ,

Since Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks are in one series now we are able to add games without requesting and waiting until a admin checked it. So if you run a rom hack or saw someone that ran a rom hack that isn´t on the site yet you can request them here and we add them as fast as possible.

- How do you request rom hacks?

You just post the request in this forum that contains:

- The Name of the Rom Hack
- Which categories are possible to run
- links to two fullgame runs of the same category by two different people (to prove existing competition)
- a link to a picture of a cover ( if you can )

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Hey! Can I please request that you add 4th of July 64 to the leaderboards. To my knowledge there is only one category 3 star (100%) as there is no real ending (time finishes upon collecting the 3rd star). Here's a link to my run:
Thank you!

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I'd like to request for the game "Mario's Jump Quest 64" to be entered, it has one category which is 8 stars (even though the amount is technically 7, the last star doesn't count towards the total)

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I'd like to request the demo for Toasterketchup's new hack "Super The Thousand Year Door 64". The category that is possible to run is 10 star. That basically means all of the new stars he added which in this case is the first 3 stars of Rougeport, Petal Meadows, and Hooktail's Castle, and the aquarium star (which is replaced with the invisible cap course since you need that for a star in Hooktail Castle.) Here is a run I did of it (sorry for the horrible mic quality)


I'd like to request a leaderboard for Bowser's Intense Challenge Demo, with the only category being 1 Star.

Link to Run:


i dont have any recorded runs yet, because i like doing the nonstop version (which already exists for the originally sm64 game on this site).
if you say, you would put an variable for "nonstop" and "normal version" i would record runs of:

this hack
and sm74 if possible for you to add the variable

let me know, what you guys think...for me its very interesting as it forces you to re-route everything if wanna do a recognizable run


I personally really don't like the idea of having leaderboards for only modified versions of hacks (such as Nonstop, Multiplayer and Chaos are), one reason is that you could have these for every hack there is so you have way more categories even if they are very similar (even if it were just subcategories) and second then you could claim a "World Record" for every new modified category even if there is most likely way less effort put into than in the actual category or even if it's just far worse than the world record of the actual category.

But it should also be said that if you like/enjoy running that, you should just go on since it shouldn't necessarily stop ypu running something you like to do just because there won't be a leaderboard for it.

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I'd like to request the game of Fidget Spinner 64 There would be 0 star, 1 star, 8 star, 16 star, 70 star and 120 star.
Here's the run of 16 star:

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i would like to request Super Mario Odyssey 64. The categories are 1 star, 70 star, and 120 star. here's a 1 star run


I'd like to request adding King Boo's Revenge.
Categories are 120 and 168.
As a requirement for adding it I have done 20 singlestar runs. One for the first 13 courses, the secret slide, two eclipse levels, metal, vanish and first two bowser courses. I compiled them all into this video:

Here is a list of times, same order as in video:
c1s1: 23"33
slide s5: 27"40
c2s2: 29"10
c3s1: 1'15"46
c4s3: 22"20
b1s1: 51"60
c5s4: 56"80
c6s2: 40"33
vanish s5: 56"86
c7s3: 1'26"60
moon s4: 2'24"84
c8s4: 22"33
sun s6: 2'00"63
c9s1: 1'09"66
metal s3: 38"66
c10s5: 150"80
b2s1: 55"16
c11s5: 38"43
c12s5: 53"36
c13s1: 1'04"56


I'd like to request Blue Star Adventure. The categories are 0 star, 135 and 145.
Here's a video of Spaceman64 doing 0 star.

Also the cover


ROM Hack is Super Pinkgold Peach 64
Categories are 100%/7 Stars, and IL runs.
Didn't do any runs yet personally, however here are two notable runs:

People are currently going for WR of this, so it would be cool to see this added on the site. 🙂

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I'd like to request a ROM hack: Super ADHD 64 [Also known as Fidget Spinner 64].

Categories: 120-Star, 70-Star, 16-Star, 1-Star, 0-Star.

Run: [1-Star, 6:18.11]


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I have uploaded my two runs of Yoshi's Adventure 64 back in July, a few days after its release; this still needs a leaderboard and my request was rejected from the main branch. Categories are 0 star, 40 star [any%] and 56 star [100%].

0 Star:
40 Star:


I would like to request the sm64 portal mod Portal Mario 64.
You can shoot portals like in the original portal games
Here is the original video
This is a speedrun I did of it
Possible categories: 0 Star, 16 Star (even though the glitch to pass the 1st and 2nd star doors are really easy), 70 Star and 120 Star. I could also add no-a press runs (the portal makes them very possible) and some misc categories if people want.

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Such rom hacks (just a modification of the original sm64) won´t be added until it got quite a lot competiton since we decided having a leaderboard for only one run is senseless


Me and a couple others actually ran 0 star in Portal Mario 64 pretty competitively for a little while.

My first uploaded run

My current PB

Current WR

In that WR video you can also see that we use a save state to skip the intro and start the timer at 53.23 (when mario lands on the ground in the intro) so we don't have to sit through the intro every time we reset. 0 Star (and probably the other categories) are very reset heavy runs due to how buggy the portals are.

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On the subject of the portal mod, there has been an actual hack (although small) made here

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I'll request a rom hack of kaze named super mario odyssey 64, there are, 1 star, 9 stars, 16 stars, 31 stars, 70 stars and 120 stars,theres a run of 1 stars by CatYoshi