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I was wondering if anyone had a screenshot of the progress tab that showed all the stars that are possible to collect in this current version. If anyone did I would appreciate it.


here's every star (i think?):

- All stars in BBB (7)
- All stars in WF (14)
- All stars in JRB (21)
- All stars in CCM except red coins (27)
- All stars in BBH (34)
- All stars in HMC (41) (The red coins star here is finicky, Venick knows how it works properly, but "it spawns at the same coords as the last time you spawned a star".)
- All stars in LLL (48)
- All stars in SSL (55)
- All stars in DDD except reds (61)
- All stars in SL except Snowman’s Big Head (67)
- All stars in WDW (74)
- All stars in TTM except Lonely Mushroom (80)
- All stars in THI (87)
- The following RR stars: The Big House in the Sky, Coins Amassed in A Maze, Swingin’ in the Breeze, Tricky Triangles, 100 Coins (92)

in total this is all 92 collectable stars in the game; THC does not work correctly and stars can't be collected there, and the bowser reds stars are not programmed to spawn in the game.

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However I would suggest that we leave HMC reds out of the Max Stars run since we don't really understand it and we can't really get it bc of that

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