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ive been thinking about a potential category where we would have to visit all of our friends and talk to them, nothing more than a simple check-in, just to make sure they're doing okay during these unprecedented times. can anyone provide a list of all the characters you can talk to in the game?


Will include all unique NPCs (i.e. excluding the bobomb battlefield bobombs and canon hatch bobombs) I know of off the top of my head (even if they're not interactable)


1. Large and in charge - Big Pianta (Castle Basement)
2. Skull Kid (Wet Dry World town)
3. 6 Redeads (Wet Dry World town, each has unique dialog)
4. Snorkeling Toad (JRB room off to the right by the entrance door)
5. E-Gadd (Castle Courtyard)
6. Majora's Mask Salesman (Hazy Maze Cave in the portal where you'd unlock the Metal Cap in SM64)


1. T-Posing Waluigi (Cool Cool Mountain, frozen underneath the mother penguin)

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i think an All Friends RTA would be pretty fun, would be a longer run than our usual quick visits to the big man, and it'd also be accessible since we currently don't have a 50 star door skip yet

i think a possible ruleset would be:

- Time starts on Fresh File Select
- RBA is banned because it's stupid and i hate it
- Have a full conversation with every interactable NPC (Skull Kid, all 6 Redeads, Snorkeling Toad, E-Gadd, Happy Mask Salesman)
- Big Pianta must be the FINAL NPC you talk to because he's special
- Timer stops on Big Pianta textbox

lmk what you think, i think it could be the big daddy of all agent mario 64 f-person-shooter categories

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