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Super Mario 64 DS Forum  /  Should there be a 12 star category?

I think this would involve all glitches except moat skip


What kind of route would it have ?


Get 8 stars, get mario, get 12 stars, dark world, fire sea rabbit clip + fire sea, rabbit clip past 50 star door, endless stairs skip, bowser in the sky. I don't know what stars people would get. Just a thought I had.

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That's stupid IMO, IIRC other glitches are harder and more inconsistent than moat skip. And why do every major skip except 1?


Well no one suggested it before so I thought I would.

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is this comparable to 31 star with no lblj?


31 star best sm64 category Kappa

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I get the idea, but it does seem kinda pointless (as cros said, moat skip is probably the "free-est" major skip, and having a category that allows all others apart from this doesn't really make sense).

If people want to run it, then by all means go for it, and we could maybe make it a misc category, but idk why someone would put effort into it when they could just run 8 star.

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(edited: )

Or you could do sblj and skip ddd Kappa

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