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I'm just curious as to what people think about times being on the leaderboards that have no videos.

I understand that capturing ds footage isn't exactly easy or cheap, so there will always be people who do runs and don't have videos, and personally I don't really care if people try to fake their times (not saying that anyone has or would), but having no requirements of proof means that people could get away with it.

Before now I have more or less just accepted any run that has been submitted, but as the community has grown a bit, I was just wondering if people are happy with it being like this or if you would want some sort of proof for times to be on there. Whether it be 100% compulsory to have a video, have a requirement for either having video or splits, only accept times (without proof) from reputable runners etc.

Also, if you want a change, what would you want to do about current times on the leaderboards that don't have proof?


Ok, I like to speedrun this game for fun, not for any WR. I don't have videos of me playing the game, because I can't afford a 3ds capture card. And, yes to be honest, I am not faking my times. I do send in splits when I submit runs. It would be nice to steam this game if I had a capture card.


I just started learning 64ds 80 stars mid December, and I don't have any vids of playing the game because Katsukitty is bad.. and I would like to upload my runs without faking my times.. If I could stream this game I would but I don't have a cap card