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Super Mario 64 DS Forum  /  how do i request a rom hack for sm64ds?
  [user deleted]

Hi i wanted to request a rom hack but i wasn't sure how i've done runs of it i didn't see anything on the "request a game" thing for sm64ds rom hacks

the one i wanted to request was excerpt from super mario 256 a rom hack for this game.

this was the video of the run i did of 100% of the rom hack.
it's 52 stars and star coins i know another super mario 3d is on rom hacks board i was sorta hoping this one was on there too


This is only the demo for Super Mario 256. Once the full hack is out I'm sure it will be added.

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  [user deleted]

alright good day then.

  [user deleted]

i'll continue to run it regardless weather the demo is on the leaderboard or not as i could easily get enjoyment out of the run regardless. i'm also interested in running the rom hack on the leaderboard sadly osm3d doesn't have any 100% runs yet but i'm playing through that one to get runs of those going at some point.

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