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Super Mario 64 DS Forum  /  Are Emulators Allowed And Do You Need Video Evidence?

I would like to know if emulators are allowed and if video evidence is needed?


Emulators are allowed, but they're hidden on the leaderboard by default, so you'll have to click Filter > Emulators > Shown in order to see them. Also, video evidence isn't needed unless you get a time that is fast enough. For example, for Super Mario Sunshine Any% speedruns, a portion of the category rules states, "Video proof is required for runs under 1 hour 25 minutes," but as far as I know, the minimum time you can get on a run for this game before needing video evidence hasn't been decided yet.

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which emulators are allowed?


DeSuMe im assuming


From the mod team as of June 17 2020,

“Hello everyone, the mod team has decided to establish some clear video requirements for the main categories on the leaderboards. All existing runs on the leaderboards below these requirements will be allowed to remain.

In Any%, runs below 20:00 will now require video.
In 8 Star, runs below 25:00 will now require video.
In 50 Star, runs below 50:00 will now require video.
In 80 Star, runs below 1:20:00 will now require video.
In 150 Star, runs below 3:15:00 will now require video.

Remember, all forms of quality can be good from a capture card to a webcam, as long as the runs' gameplay is clearly visible”.

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I don't understand the reasoning for hiding EMU by default when DS emulation is highly accurate.

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If your going to use emu use desmume. desmumes makes people happy 🙂

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