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Top of castle% is my idea. you start from a new save and time stops when the characters feet touch the top of the castle. This could be a very fun short time to go for and improve on. Who is with me?


Hell yeah! That sounds great as a misc. category. It could even be the first category extension for SM64DS!

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No. That's just failing moat skip once...

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I can see how one might think of it as just “failing moat skip once” but that’s only one part of it. I think it would be fun because you would have to make very small optimizations to make movement absolutely perfect and when someone beat a record it would be by very little time. Seems like a very fun competition to me. I wish it was easier to get in touch with the moderators to tell them about my idea.


If you want to see records beaten by small amounts there are already around 600 perfectly good ILs. There's nothing stopping you running this, but it really does not need a leaderboard. And you can communicate with the community pretty easily through the SM64DS Discord server:

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I had an idea with a similar premise but more gameplay included... (sorry if this doesn't follow good forum etiquette im new around here) I called it 14 star: time starts on file select and ends when you touch the feather from the red box on top of the castle (the 14 stars are to make the block turn solid).


Get all rabbits from a new file ?

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