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Does anyone have a 50 star route that DOESN’T do moat skip?


i do, but it collects 80 stars Kappa
ok but if you really want to do 50 star without moat skip, just do the first part of the run like its 80 star
chain chomps gate (1)
secret slide (2)
5 whomps fortress stars (7)
sunshine isles (8)
unlock mario
go back into goomboss and get the switch star (9)
rest of whomps fortress (12)
3 stars in CCM (15)
then just start following what the 50 star route would normally do after whomp's fortress; adding in the bowser in the dark world key and getting extra stars in the basement from SSL and LLL so you catch up to the amount of stars you need.


You could always just get 50 stars as fast as possible without moat skip

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