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Yes it is the mod's job. I'm fairly new to this community so I have no idea.
Should I ask for mod?


A month ago I simultaneously posted my Sunshine Isles IL WRs without video, so if that's an issue to anyone I'll go back and try to beat them while recording with my phone. I feel like asking everyone who runs ILs to do videos is quite impractical since proper DS recorders are not cheap at all and not everyone has the setup or time for phone videos. I think it's pointless to ask everyone for video evidence for these.


Dragon, if you are referring to "worldrecordsmasher" beating your time on the koopa star in BoB, don't just assume that your time is basically perfect and and his is impossible. I literally just got 1:17 on my 2nd try (and I don't even know if my strats are the best as I rarely do 150 star).


And heres the video proof

Don't get me wrong, we are humans, we can make mistakes and have a bad judgement about a run when there's a ton of ILs being submitted at once, so do feel free to flag them to us. But don't just assume that you are perfect and it is impossible that someone has beaten you.

But I do think it is unreasonable to ask for video proof when the console is so hard to capture. Especially for stuff like ILs which aren't exactly a massive deal. We do have rules for when to question runs for video proof in the main categories though.


Its not the only that level, its multiple levels, and we just want proof that the runner actually completed the level at the correct time.


Karl, Even if the recording is using an iPhone 3 on a music stand( witch is my setup), its better then a vague submission.


Well no, but I'm guessing that is the one that has got Dragon annoyed. Proof on DS games is always going to be a problem. If we require video proof for everything, its going to deter a lot of people from even trying out speedrunning the game. If we just straight up allow everything then obviously people will submit fake times. The best we can do it keep a middle ground and just use our judgement to determine whether a time is reasonable or not (which is what we are already doing). We are stricter on these sort of things on the main categories.


I agree, Its just me and Dragon are skeptical, but I agree with you. thanks for straightening things up! 🙂


And you can check some TAS videos, so if somebody submits something faster you know it's fake.