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I am aware that drastic is banned, but what about 3ds? I have a new 3ds and wanted to know if i could use ntr to record. I don't want to pay for a capture card, and don't want to physically record with a camera. Could somebody tell me what i can and cannot do?


well, sadly, ntr only allows to record 3ds games, not original ds games so it wont happen anyway

I say this from my experience btw :3


Well then. Guess ill have to get a capture card to run this. not sure if I want to. If only drastic was legal...


emulators are also a thing, even though they're hidden by default on the leaderboards, they're not banned


@Trueace Drastic is just an emulator, right? DeSmuME is preferred but I doubt anyone will really care if you use it since emulators are hidden by default. Just don't use emulator-specific functions like speedup or savestates obviously. You could also run on DS/3DS/VC without recording if you'd prefer to use something official, video isn't required unless you get really good. But the ideal thing would be DS/3DS/VC with a webcam/phone camera, or even better, with a capture card. Hope that helps!

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