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Hi guys, I would like to speedrun Sm64Ds but I need help, Can anyone help me?


If you have discord you can join the server from the link in resources, it's easier to help there


I don't know which stars to get for 8 star


or 80 star and what is "discord"

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Discord is a messaging site similar to Skype, it's become very popular in the last couple of years. That's the best place to ask questions and chat with other runners. It's mostly text chat, though there are also voice calls in races. We have a channel with resources there too, including routes for all the categories.

Get Discord here:
Use this link to join the SM64DS server:

If you don't want to use Discord for some reason...
8 Star route:
80 Star (Luigi) route:
I'd definitely recommend it though 🙂


Thanks so much "Really_Tall.

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