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Hello. Since this conversation ended it has become a bit of a trend to post videos on youtube saying "is it possible to beat insert game insert limitation. Because of this, many new clips, strategies, glitches, and other things have been discovered. Even if this trend stops today, tomorrow, or a year from now, there will be many different runs that resulted from it. I am going to attempt one day to get enough category extension ideas and runs from different people in each to warrant a category extension leaderboard in many different speedrun-able games on this website. Keyword: attempt, because right now I'm literally just a random teenager sitting in front of a laptop. But I'll try, gosh darn it, and I also won't respond to anyone here because I hate arguments... so, yeah, that's it. Bye.


Usually with things like challenge categories there are a lot more people (cough cough Nathaniel Bandy viewers) who want to see things like "no Mario" being added to the boards but there are very rarely actual runners of the game interested in running them. Though I guess if you thought of a good enough idea there's probably someone who'd run it.

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We have to get category extensions made


ideas and fans don't get category extensions made, actual runs do. If enough people run things like 50 Star 1 B press, Coinless, All 1ups, Wario/Yoshi Only challenges, etc., then they would all probably have leaderboards; however in most cases only 1 or 2 people have attempted them (or 0).
So if you want these things, the only viable course of action is to actually do runs. You can share videos or times here or on a discord server to let the community know.

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I think it's a good idea to make extensions categorys in Super Mario 64 DS

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A Cool Category Would Be That You Collect A Certain Number Of Stars And That Is It, You Don't Need to Fight Bowser In The Sky Or Finish The Game. Or Maybe Yoshi Only.

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