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What would the Route be without Most Skip?


There isn't a proper route without Moat Skip since everyone just learns it for 50, and does 80 otherwise. It would start similar to 80 I guess, doing some WF stars with Yoshi, and then the other WF stars would be taken later as Mario. The basement stars missed out from the start would just be taken when you go back there anyway. So I think you might actually be able to take exactly the same stars, apart from having to grab Behind Chain Chomp's Gate, and then removing one other star.


Way back there was actually a route without it. At first when I did 50 I didn't use moat skip. But I don't have it written down anywhere and can't remember. Plus its probably not very optimal at all.


Actually, just found this run that didn't use moat skip

Was 4 years ago when there was no competition in the category. So yeah, wasn't optimal at all.

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So, A beginner to sm64 ds speedrunning, normally play sm64 for n64 but have been wanting to speedrun the ds version, moat skip, cannot do for anything, but this route is good for beginning players Like myself


That route and the strats in that run are incredibly outdated and slow, you should really just keep practicing moat skip and you'll get better at it eventually, or try to base a no moat skip route off of a more recent run

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