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Super Mario 64 DS Forum  /  Moderation - Do we need a fifth moderator?

Hello everyone. For those few of you who still run SM64DS, you may have noticed how long it takes for run verification. Since Aether is no longer a mod, full game runs are only getting verified by Mr Shasta, who is busy enough with being a mod in around 30 other games, and the level runs only being verified by Mr Shasta too. Greenalink and ParadoxKarl don't seem to be verifying much anymore, TheWayFaringFox has not been on for a solid month and Mr Shasta has other games to moderate, some more popular than this one. With that in mind, I checked and no mod has been on for at least two days, whereas users like myself are on several times daily. With that, I nominate myself, Really Tall and the illuminati to become moderators of the game. I do not mind whether it's one of us or all of us that get to be a moderator, but we need an active moderator for this game as people like myself, Really Tall and Sharkey91 are running this game frequently and we need a trusted moderator to get it done, as some of my runs have waited up to two weeks for verification, and the worst thing about it is that when people like Mr Shasta go online, they don't always come into here like me. So either me, Really Tall or the illuminati should become moderator, or preferably all three. Since we're still running this, with myself doing more runs recently, we do need a moderator to accept these runs, with my recommendation going to Really Tall, who checks the TAS runs to make sure the run can be legitimate, and is extremely active. Thanks for reviewing my post and I hope that a new, active moderator comes to SM64DS and makes sure our runs can be verified and keep ourselves going.
- MaxDragonSoul

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Yep. That dude NEEDS to be a mod.


Agreed. I'd be willing to step up too to handle submissions, I'm on multiple times daily as well and I know the game well enough.

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I'm glad you guys are up for it!


None of the mods have been on for four days, and I'm starting to get concerned.


It doesn't matter if things take a few days to get verified. Many of the mods are busy in general, and ESA is currently happening to add on to that.


Sorry, I've been really busy (with ESA and work and stuff) and only just got around to checking now. I do agree though, it is pretty much just mrshasta doing all the verifying right now, and 1, that's a lot of work to just put on him with all the IL submissions, but 2 it will also take a while if he is also busy.

So, I have added jcool and really_tall as mods. Hopefully this should resolve this.

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