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can someone make a patched version thats STILL ALOWWED ON THE LEADER BOARDS thats only purpose is for ds download play access so i can play on real hardware (I use new nintendo 3ds xl) and cant install flashme


Not a mod myself, but I highly doubt the mods would go through the trouble of verifying a patch for such a niche problem. Also, why can't you just insert your cartridge into your 3DS and play the game as intended?

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i dont have the game on cart
the only thing i have for real hardware is a 3ds


Well, the rules say "Do not post pirated commercially owned games or ROMs or links to those games or ROMs anywhere on the site." So I don't think anyone could really help you with that.


so im requiared to have the game cart as well as a original ds/ds lite instead of NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL


no you can play on any official nintendo hardware that the game can be played on, this includes any ds model, and 3ds model, and wiiu VC


you can play on your new nintendo 3DS, but you need the game cart


and now im waiting for a new charger so i can charge up my 3ds as the old one broke and is at like NOTHING also yes im going to use homebrew

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