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I think we can all agree that this game is a VERY good speedgame, that I'd even go as far to say compares with SM64. So specs the question, why isn't it as popular?

And more importantly, what can we do to increase that. That would be very nice, especially to have actual 100% competition beside Sek, April and myself (and maybe Lieutenant + Vertic in the future)

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it's a flash game, and people that don't know about lag reduction strats can't compete

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It has recently gotten a big spike in terms of popularity, now having 10+ active runners, and I think that this is
the Golden Age of SM63.

I think that some informative and entertaining videos of this speedgame could bring in more runners, because often times this type of content can help attract some people to speedrun this. I'm planning to do some videos about this.

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Yes. But first we need to talk about parallel universes.


I've noticed the spike. It's great to see more people getting into this game as a speedgame.


You are welcome for me bothering Vertic until he made a plan to play this. lol