My first idea would be itemless%, it would work like how sm3dw itemless% is so temporary power ups like the Star and Giga Bell don't count, also mushrooms since it makes the run just a bit better. My second idea would be a relay, you play any one of the game modes, beat that game mode, then switch to the other, and beat tat game mode. My third idea would be Bowser Jr's. difficult level, if you're going to speedrun BF then you will obviously choose a lot of help, but if there are different category's then there's a reason to change the help level. My last idea would be each character has their own category because nobody would use Mario speedrunning sm3dw, but now there is a reason to use Mario.
@Chatcatchase123Chatcatchase123 suggested coinless and damageless too, so thanks for him to the idea!


I would do these:
Mario% No Powerups (Basically itemless but with Mario only)
Mario Kart 3D% (beat 3-6)
Amiibo categories

These were already meme categories prior to Switch (except amiibo)

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I think the most important one for now would be Bowser's Fury amiibo%

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How about a category where you get all of the Daisy Cats' Cat Shines as fast as possible? I think this will be the most wholesome meme category for Bowser's Fury.

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Shard% Bowser’s Fury


Collect every cat shard shine post game.


3D World multipler categories need to be made. 4 Player online any% and 380 would be awesome

  [user deleted]

World 1 Random%. Beat world 1 with a random character every level

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What if we do a Champions Road% Where you complete Champions Road as fast as possible (Like the Moon Cave category in Super Mario Odyssey)

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"Any% Post Game" from a new file, beat champion's road


amiibo for both games


Would Bowser's Fury 2P make sense? I haven't gotten to mess around with it but I feel there may be some tech possible.

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Well you can jump off of bowser jr I guess.

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Totally second Bowser's Fury 2P, Bowser Jr can collect coins/shine shards + kill enemies so I think there's a lot of potential there

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We need Amibo% just to see how fast we can beat it with Fury Bowser available at the whim. I think sub 30 is definitely possible with that method.

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kill% drop every cat into water once each

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Full Expedition% Beat every captain toad level as fast as possible. (3d world) You can have 2 versions were one you start from a new file, and another where you start from a file with all of them unlocked, you just have to beat them again

Edit: have 2 different sub versions where you need the one in world crown or you don’t need it

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Still waiting for Jumpless% and Jumpless Max%

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Jumpless would be a challenge run more than anything, and the mods have stated how they really don't want Challenge runs on here.
As for Max%, for BF it seems to be super short as you can't get the first Shine, and it's already been proven possible for 3DW.