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I know this game comes out 12 feb and this question maybe doesn't have an answer yet,but I'm curious if this game will have different category for Super Mario 3D world and Bowser's fury,and a category that include both or something like that


yes, there will be both 3D World and Bowser's Fury categories. i imagine there will be a both games category if the games make sense to run together.

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Neat thanks,I was thinking about it since they said that Bowser's Fury is a different mode from 3D world and is not like a new world accessible from 3D World


I feel like a good example of what it will probably look like when all is said and done is the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Leaderboard: https://www.speedrun.com/nsmbudx

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Oh thank you,I hope they'll add for this game a cateogry for each character(like the SMB U Deluxe leaderboard),also if I sadly don't think so because the SMBDW WiiU doesn't it,have but it would be cool to see it in this new switch version 😃

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3d world + bowser's fury offers a lottttttt of possible categories for SRC (any%, itemless%, 380 star, 100%, ILs, bowser's fury any% and possibly 100%, 243 star, multiplayer e.g. 2p, 3p ,4p, items or itemless, characters). So I believe we currently do not currently want the boards to be super cluttered. We will see what the port offers though when it comes out. Even if a category is not on SRC, you shouldn't be discouraged from running it. 🙂

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But if the community gets big enough, I do think category extensions might have to come for this

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@Mine_GgamerMine_Ggamer I don't think that they'd do subcategories for characters, but I think it'd be something like this:

Category - Super Mario 3D World
Sub-Category - Any%, 380 Star, 100% (just using the ones in the Wii U main categories, it could be more or different for this game)
Sub-Category 2 - 1 Player, 2 Player, 3 Player, 4 Player

Category - Bowser's Fury
Sub Category - Any%, ???? (we need to know the game before we start doing categories beyond any%

Category - Both Games
Sub-Category - Any%, (whatever other combinations people come up with)

Then the misc categories.

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Yeah,the sub-category that determine wich character you had to use to beat the idea it was a cool idea,but what you said about the possible future categories is a lot more plausable


To make it look minimalistic if we had four parent tabs. Any%, Bowser's Fury, Itemless and 100%. Each one has 2/3 child tabs.
Any% - Any% & Warpless
Bowser's Fury - Any% and 100%
Itemless - Any% and Mario% (Warpless)
100% - 243, 380 and 100%
That we it is both more compact than the initial boards and covers everyone's categories
2,3,4 player stuff should be in extensions or on a spreadsheet imo.

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In my opinion, I think the categories should have a similar structure to Splatoon 2 (Hero Mode and Octo Expansion are parent categories). This means Super Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury should be separate parent categories with their own Any%, 100% and whatever else. There could be a miscellaneous tab for categories such as Both Games Any%, Both Games 100%. Multiplayer and Amiibo can go to category extensions with 2 player, 3 player, and 4 player categories with maybe a column on the leaderboard for each run stating if it's local or online.


After thinking about it, I think the categories should be displayed like this:

Super Mario 3D World - Any%, Warpless, 380 Stars, 243 Stars, 100%, Itemless, Mario% etc.
Bowser's Fury - Any%, All Cat Shines, 100% (Depending on if 100% is the same as All Cat Shines) etc.
Both Games (Potentially in misc) - Any%, All Main Collectables (380 Stars + All Cat Shines), 100% etc.

This layout is very similar to Super Mario 3D All Stars and Splatoon 2; I personally think it will work well for this game, it's easily understandable and makes sense for everyone.
Amiibo and strictly multiplayer runs should be category extensions only.


I would rather not discuss hypothetical categories when the game has not released yet.


These aren't hypothetical category discussions (what I was going on about earlier), this is just how I think the categories that will be for this game should be organized.

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It still gets under my skin that people call saving all the Sprixies “Warpless” instead of “All Castles” because this game utilizes map warps.

It’s too early to talk about Bowser’s Fury because we don’t know much about the game, but 3D World is good to discuss because it’s been out for seven years.

I’m pretty sure that the best way to organize will be like New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe organized their board as I posted above. It’ll also give flexibility for the online multiplayer. I’m not sure if I’d put itemless in the main or if it’d be better in the misc. tab. I guess it’ll depend on how many people take up different categories because I like the list overall.

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Oh yeah because 8 active runners in Itemless vs 1 active runner in 100% constitutes Main vs Misc.
In this design there is room for both 100% and Itemless on the main boards. Whilst 100% has got the least total runners of all six categories at the moment I think it should still be on the main page so I made room for it. If you still disagree please voice your amendments as I am sure the 32 people currently in the 3D World Itemless Server wouldn't be happy if we only had a category extensions category

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Itemless categories are one of the sole reasons why I'm a mod for this :)))

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I'm sorry, what is Mario%+


Mario% up to boss blitz


there should be a cat% where u throw any cat for the first time in Bowsers Fury