Single Controller 100% For Insane People To Run?
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Single Controller 100% For Insane People To Run?

Currently 100% uses multiple controllers to shorten the run by a lot. Could a Misc. category be an idea for those who dont have multiple controllers but still wanna run hundo (if they're crazy enough to)

United States

WR for 100% One Controller is just over 16 hours. The person that did the run did not save the VOD.

As for 100% in general, interest is almost non-existent. I'm planning to come back to multiple controllers soon, and I know someone else occasionally does runs, but I'm always under the impression that it's easier to ask for something after someone has the run ready to submit rather than beforehand because these ideas rarely pan out.

Also... what's with the four threads?

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Woops my bad. Internet was lagging so it must've posted multiple times when reloading the page. I would definetly run solo hundo once or twice which is why im asking. I dont have that many other controllers to use and id like to give it a shot

Maryland, USA
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3 years ago

I'll do a run of this when I have time, but in general it's a good idea to ask for new categories after doing a run of it.

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fair enough. I just wanted to ask before doing a run so if it doesnt get approved, im not wasting 15+ hours on it for nothing lol

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