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This is not a good alternative in the slightest. When the only proof you need is a still of your best time, it is destined to be a leaderboard full of cheaters.

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I can assure you that at least no one of the top times are cheated. SSRy, coolbrosamuel and I all have SM3DL videos of runs close to many of these times, but since having a 3DS capture card is hard, it's hard to play the best you can while recording with a camera or phone, at least for me, so these WR times usually don't have video but the proof of the time that the game saves.

Also, honestly I prefer that than many IL leaderboards here that require video where there are generally very few submissions and the "WR" is fairly unoptimized, and not the true WR in many cases.

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How does this justify not having an IL leaderboard? I want to see what strategies the WR uses, but the leaderboard here doesn't even have any videos. I do not agree with this decision whatsoever.

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Is it possible that you Guys Will still add A IL leaderbord because not everybody has a capture so they Cannon record a full run because of the timer not showing and you can just easy ask for a video of the level run dont worry after a time they Will be mutch request

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Maybe that is stupid for all of you, because, to start, I never do a SpeedRun of this game, but there is my opinion:

I realy think that, apart of cyberscore, is posible to be an IL leaderboards in
1. In cyberscore you only need an imagen prove, so, I dont know how easily can do this, but, as well as @GoodGuyTessGoodGuyTess say, there can be cheaters.
2. With the same idea of the images, apart of the cheaters, I would like to have video proofs in the IL, for example, like @Nutty171Nutty171 say, so would be so nice/cool.

3. I look pointless the idea of to doesn´t have in there an IL only because there is an IL another completly diferent platform.
Basicaly, you are throwing all the moderators job to the cyberscore moderators, no matter jaja XD.
Maybe I am completly stupid, that is also true lol (I am so pesimist/negative F), but I Realy dont undertand that to have is reason to dont have the IL in .
Is not to critique, but they also have leaderboards of any%, warpless and 100% , so for that, with the same idea than in ILs, we can just dot get any leaderboard in , because we to have all the leaderboard in cyberscore, so, in fine, for what get 2 leaderboards no????

In all case:
One of my reasons is that is nice the video proof.
So, okey, now, I prefer with video proof, but if the mods think that the problema is to get the video, that maybe is the reason to doesn´t have IL, and that is true that can be so hard... IS ACTUALLY SURPISINGLY SIMPLE! SIMPLY DONT PUT OBLIGATORY VIDEO PROOF.
Is not obligated always a video proof.
When you would be go to submit a run, you can put a link to a photo, so is no "needed a video yer or yes", understand?

In all case, okey

Edit: now I figure out of the category of "Special Ending" lol lmao.
So sorry, is true that there is no a leaderboard of Special Ending in cyberscore.
But, in all case, is the only one.

Good reference to ceave gaming :V XD


@KingBooKingBoo si esa es toda tu argumentación, pues si es que ya te digo, no es obligatorio poner si o si un video, se pude mandar una foto para verificar lol lmao.
Y, en todo caso, total para un IL, no se en que iba a molestar que hayan WR gratis.
Que quieres que te diga, tampoco molesta a nadie :V XD.

Ps: I speek in spanish because @KingBooKingBoo is also of spain like me lol, so from me is easier lmao.


Now I read another post, I will say I continue thinking exactly the same yeah


Lol imagine using cyberscore

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