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So i recently tried to submit a run without video as i dont have a capture card, it didnt say in the Any% rules that you needed video proof, so i press the submit button and it tells me you are required to have video proof. I was just wondering if we could do it like some other games, and have a "runs under X time require video proof" rule.

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i think continue being absolutely obligatory video but in all case i advaice you this always apear inclusive if you dont need it
Im those games when you are able to submit without video, just put wher the video go "no video" or ":(" / ":c" or something like that lol (or a rickroll xdxd)

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It's recently been decided on that all runs should require video proof (mods should put that in the rules to reflect that change...), but you don't need a capture card at all! Although it's a bit of a pain to figure out a working setup, it's also fine to point a webcam or phone at your 3DS to get video footage - as long as mods can roughly tell what's going on, it'll be more than enough!

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