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If someone else would ever to run this game and take WR, would they need video evidence? Just asking because 3DS Cap Cards cost alot.


For that good of a time, yeah, you should probably have your run recorded to expect it to get verified. You don't need high quality, a webcam is acceptable, just as long as it's something. If your time is more modest, as a moderator I don't personally care if you provide video evidence


Alright, Thanks I have been looking into this game, so my PB wont be the best. OpieOP


Depending on the amount of submissions in a particular category, varies if or not we will accept.
If you have a hand held camera, you can use that by mounting it, it doesnt have to be perfect quality. As long as we can look, see you are being legit, we will approve.

If you still cannot use video, we may accept your run if it isnt a top place run.

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