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I've been doing a lot of hunting for new strats as of late and have found several things. Some things only save half a second or maybe a couple seconds, and I won't make a video and list each one of those here, but I will post significant time savers. I'll continue to add more as they're found.

Things found so far:

5-5 3rd star coin strat (saves 6 seconds):

7-ship blind (saves ~25 seconds but requires an additional star medal somewhere else = ~10 seconds):

Total time saved: 16 seconds

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the first one seems good but the second one i think its just for those who REALLY run the game, not me Kappa

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Dude these are amazing saves! The first looks like the difference between n00b strat ad "i know this game a bit and am good " strat lol.

the seconds video looks like a "dude i am so gud like omg i is pro" strat. aka not me (I can't even play this cos my DS broke 😱 )

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