Was considering adding a new category for 100%. The run would require all side missions to be accomplished and all photos to be taken. Please post your thoughts below.


"Complete the game with all side missions, taking all photos and buying all upgrades.
Timing starts when selecting the last initial in the file select screen. Timing ends when when screen fades out on the Doc Ock fight."
^Something like that.

I don't see a reason not to include upgrades as part of the required tasks for 100%. You know this game far better than me, but that's still my opinion.


That's a good point, im going to do a test run of this idea and see if it is possible within one playthrough of the game. 7000 exp is needed for all upgrades and i only collected 3300 in my any percent run. But there is 10 side missions added, so hopefully that should help.