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Hello everyone!

First off: Yes, this is real life. It's possible to save time on Subway, an auto-scroller level. Let me give you some context first:

So while I was watching @WillNForceWillNForce 's WR run on PS, I noticed that he was finishing his Subway level quite a bit earlier than me (10 seconds of difference, give or take), and this was pretty intriguing to me, considering this is an auto-scroller level we're talking about.

To put it simply, while on the PC and DC versions of the game Subway ends as soon as the Subway reaches the end of it's tracks on the timer at the bottom of the screen, in the case of the PS and N64 versions of the game this is not the case. In fact, if you do the glitch to avoid getting hit and do nothing for the duration of the level, once the timer reaches the end it just disappears, and the level lingers on for about 10 seconds.

In the case of @WillNForceWillNForce 's run however, the level ends as soon as the timer reaches the end (reminiscing of how it works for PC/DC runs).

With this in mind, I decided to talk about it with him, and after chatting for a bit he informed me what he had found:

• Basically, at around the end of the level (but before the timer reaches the end), the lizards stop spawning even if you kill them, and if the game detects that there's no lizards on the Subway, the level will end approximately 3-4 seconds after the last lizard died.

What this means is that, provided you kill the last lizard with the correct timing, you can actually finish Subway earlier than the conventional glitch method, with some cases finishing before the timer even reaches the end.

To demonstrate my point, here's two test runs of Subway done by yours truly:

No Early Lizard Kill video 2m 48s
Early Lizard Kill video 2m 40s

This does not seem to affect PC runs (as tested by @inkblowoutinkblowout ), and so far it's only known to work for PS. My personal prediction is that DC will probably work similar to PC (and not be affected at all by the killing of lizards), while N64 will probably benefit from this as well, considering they have the same issue of the level lingering on after the timer at the bottom of the screen disappears.

Personal predictions aside, if you're an N64/DC runner, I highly encourage you to test this out on your respective platform, since there's a possibility that you can get an easy 5-10 second time save by doing minimal work. Best of luck to all!

tl;dr: If you're on PS, you can finish Subway early by killing all the lizards with the correct timing. It's been proven to not affect PC runs at all, but N64/DC still require testing.

PS: Big props to @WillNForceWillNForce for being the first to find out about this 😃

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dude i always knew there was something sketchy about the damn subway ending LOL
makes sense why i can never reach my gold split on it

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hey how do i get this game running? on PC i want to run it

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@fatkidproductionsfatkidproductions Someone else had a similar question on another thread here, and you can find some useful pointers on there.

The gist of it is that you'll need a third-party program to cap the game's FPS at 30 and another program to run it on windowed mode, but given I don't run it on PC myself I really don't know if there's any extra kinks to it. Good luck!