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Who wants a free time save?

On the right vid I keep close to Cat after each 'checkpoint' and she goes faster. Works with Black Cat 3 and probably 2 as well.
Could be done better too. I think if you get far away she slows down, the first chase I think she's at the lowest speed the whole time.

I also switch the token behind the warehouse for one at the start.

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It seems like she only really slows down when you're really far from her. Do you think there's a difference in speed between medium and close distance?


I'm going to guess no, and even if it is, it might be too small a difference to notice or measure.


So i just did some timing tests with cat chase 3 part 1 (the one in chapter 8 that ends in a cutscene before starting another section of the cat chase) and got some surprising results. I did three different versions of the section, one where I followed as close as possible to her the whole way, one where I tried to stay in the middle (~40 to 60% of the bar) and one where I tried to stay as far away as possible (~60-90% of the bar). Keep in mind once i saw her make the last jump and start running to where the cutscene takes place i got close again for the last two so i could make sure i made it and didnt waste time/invalidate the test by making her wait.

Also I did each test twice for more reliable info.

Here are my results.
close: 1st attempt: 26.6 | 2nd Attempt:26.6
medium: 1st attempt: 31.2 | 2nd attempt: 33.3
far: 1st attempt: 37.7 | 2nd attempt: 40.6

I think we can say for sure that there's a somewhat linear relationship between how far you are from cat and how fast she goes at this point, and its actually somewhat significant.

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Also this doesn't seem to apply to the first cat chase: I tried timing the regular route through the cat chase and another staying as close as possible (except going for the shop) and both ended up being a mid 2:07