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Since Taran just uploaded a bunch of info to the guides section and there doesn't seem to be a way to reply to it, I'm making this thread for discussion about it.

The Guide:


First things first, I'll just scribble my initial thoughts about it in order of content:

First of all, love the map, saved instantly and is really useful .

Second, I want to say that from my experience, the route that Thinks uses in his run here is at least slightly faster than the route that my current PB used (and indeed i use thinks' route in my recent attempts)

Third, I'll post a couple glitches that I've discovered, that might add to the "glitch section" of the post (one is a useless novelty and the other is a run-killing glitch) here:
"Death by Road Rage"

Finally, since Taran asked and i've had others ask about it in the past, I'm going to put together a video guide on "Infinite Vertical Wallsprinting" (Makeshift name i just thought of) in the next few days, since its a useful skill and not immediately obvious how to do.

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Nice idea for a thread. I laughed when I saw my splits, I don't use the most consistent naming conventions. That map is neat. Chapter 5 and 6 is confusing, it's hard to time because you need to do everything perfectly to see which order is faster.

With wallsprints, I've seen the type where you sort of hop vertically instead of sprinting the whole way, but I don't know how to do it, or if there's any difference, I assume not. I also thought infinite wallsprints were as simple as quickly pressing wall grab and jump buttons, but maybe I'm forgetting some of the finer details, I don't know.

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Thinks, the Infinite Wallsprint(decided to remove the vertical part of the title) is more or less that, but I find it hard to conceptualize until i actually do it. So I'm thinking that a video guide with footage and input display would help people, because the timing can be a little finicky.

As for the hopping vertically (Lets call it "Infinite Wallsprint Hopping so we have something concrete to call it), its the same inputs, just different timing. It does have its uses though, so I'll either include it in the video guide for the IWS or make a separate guide for it

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Neat! Thanks for being an active part of Tobey 2 speedrunning! (As it is apparently now called!)

So, I actually cannot find back the video where someone manages to LEAVE the art museum.
But it wasn't too hard. You can actually ENTER and/or LEAVE the museum by jumping into the door JUUUUST RIGHT.

I am going to update my map with all the races that I wrote down on paper. Looks like there's at least 128 of them! I classified all of them as Easy Medium or Hard, which gives you 300/800, 1200/500, and 700/1700 points respectively, depending upon if you get the mega time or not.
Oh, looks like there's Insane difficulty as well... hmmm.... I dont even know how many points that will earn you....

The first stage of routing a game for speedrunning, as far as I can tell, is collecting information. I've already done a lot of that, so I'll just make sure you guys have all that data so it doesn't go to waste.

Slyfincleton, would you mind writing out the current route that you use, in the same style that I wrote out mine?
While my map is far from complete, the location numbers should be PERFECT.
The numbers and letters I used for the hideouts and secret tokens is based on one of my first routes, and so they are basically arbitrary.
Fortunately, the races all have their own in-game numbers.
There are SOME green tokens that give a LARGE number of points. Possibly enough points to be worthwhile in a speedrun. But there are hundreds of green tokens, and I have not even bothered to check them all.

I'm in the process of updating my map. I'm adding races, and labeling everything so it's easier to talk about.
When I talk about "north" it's not the real north... just "up" on my map. I should probably fix that...

I added a bunch of the races that I had information about, into my guide. the list is very incomplete.

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yeah, I'll get on writing that down best as I can, not sure how long it'll take

I'll also record some footage of someone leaving the art museum since i'm recording footage anyways.

also Taran, I figured out that the buildings that are on the minimap in the corner of the screen are individual textures, so there isn't an actual "photo" of that map in the game to find unfortunately (although we could piece together one by taking a ton of screenshots).

I think I'll make a separate thread for glitches/glitch discovery so it'll all be in one place

Its nice to have some organized discussion about speedrunning this game.

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Haha, that's a shame about the minimap. How did you "figure out" that they are textures?
And why would it matter, anyway? Surely the 2D map still exists inside the game in one form or another, however fractured. (I have noticed that different districts have their own coloring.)
It may still be possible to get that map information out of the game somehow. Though this has such a small following at the moment, that I doubt any of us are technically capable enough to figure out how to get it.

You may be onto something with screenshots.
The best way to do that would be with Dolphin emulator, rendering the entire screen in as high a resolution as possible. Then you climb to the tallest building, holding the C-stick so that the map is flattened, orient yourself NE, and jump. At the top of the jump, you take a screenshot.

Then you can cut out the minimap part of the screen, and transpose it on top of my master map in photoshop.

And then do that about... 500 times to get the whole map........

A huge pain in the ass, and I'm not even sure that the additional resolution and information would really be all that valuable. Though it WOULD allow you to see alleyways and other gaps between buildings quite easily.... (my map does not) which could lead to some routes becoming more optimized.


Another area of research would be from death-warping.
Again, when Spider-man re-spawns, he is taken to the end point of the last mission he completed... I THINK. But I have never actually tested this. Someone needs to play the entire game through, and DIE after every single.... let's call them waypoints ... all the way from 1 to 58 (as numbered in my guide.)

Save-warping is another possibility, but again, I think it has the same problem of always taking you to the last location. One interesting possibility would be saving and then loading while inside a location like the Daily Bugle. Perhaps it will take you back out and into the city.

Maybe we could compile a list of all "areas of research" as I call them.


I've got a list of about 60 races, with mega times (done in preparation for a Chapter 16 category), but it's hard to tell, you might have that particular lot already in the list. When I did the All Races run, I should have written them all out, would have saved some effort.


I've updated my guide with more races. If you have information on any of the races that I have not gotten to yet, please add that to the list and post it here.

I'm going to finish labeling all the races for you guys and then I'm going to relax on the SpiderMan 2 research. This kind of thing will consume all my time if I let it...

Edit: completed map below!

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Hey Taran, could you possibly upload a version of your map with no icons?(just the building layout)


The map is finished¤.

There is also new written information about each race, in my guide.
I'm now going to take a break from Spider-Man 2 related stuff. Good luck to you all!

¤White areas have not been mapped out very well. All races are PROBABLY present. Only a few of them have arrows that point where they lead. By all means, anyone should feel free to contribute to the written guide and the map.

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