Thinks' Current Route.

By ThinksTheClownThinksTheClown. Last updated

Using Taren's map as a guide for Token names. I didn't bother counting up all the hero points, I just tried to keep it simple.

Begin by skipping Chapters 1 and 2.

Chapter 3
Connors: Thug Fight 1
Swing to Pizza Parlour (It completes the objective)
Tokens K,M,C (Token C brings you to the next objective)
Token O (the one in the arena.)
Meet MJ
Gallery (Thug Fight 2)
Black Cat 1: Buy Swing upgrades 1,2 and Grapple.

Chapter 4
Bugle Photo Mission
Grab Skyscraper Token on Empire State Building
Hideout 2 Token (The Café) and Token D

Chapter 5
Tokens B and F
Ottos House 1
Swing to Race 51 (It's near the Bugle)
Complete Mega Time

Chapter 6
Collect 4/5 Camera Tokens
Do MJs Apartment Race
Collect Last Camera Token
Black Cat 2: Token Q
Buy Swing Speed, webzip, jump off kick, air combo 3, double web-lines.
Get 3 skyscraper tokens while following

Chapter 7
To Bugle and Arena
Complete Arena
Do wallsprint race 64
Mega Time

Chapter 8
Spidey store: Buy swing speed, air combo 4, wallsprint
Ottos House 2
Thug Fight 3
Black Cat 3
Token R
Thug Fight 4 Get Token S

Chapter 9
Nearest Store, buy Swing Speed
Theater Mission
Statue of Liberty
Mysterios Lair

Chapter 10
Race 43 Mega time
Ottos House 3
Mysterios Robots

Chapter 11
The Bank
Collect Token during helicopter chase
Race 128 Mega Time (Down the trainline)
Hideout Token 9

Chapter 12
Peter's Apartment
Apartment Token
Black Cat 4:
Token across from starting point:4
Construction site Tokens:2,3
Hideout 34
Hideout 32
Behind Shocker warehouse:Z
Shocker skip 1

Chapter 13
Nearest Store, buy Swing Speed, if you want whirlwind kick
Bugle Mission, Defeat Mysterio etc
Black Cat 5: Optional glitch into Bugle
Collect some Tokens on the way or after
Shocker skip 2
Hideouts 15,16
Token 6

Chapter 14
Save MJ from thugs
Black Cat Race
Win the race
Warehouse Fight
Collect Token A and heal at Store
Meet Cat
Swing to MJ's Apartment

Chapter 15
Peter's Apartment
Meet MJ
Trainline Ock Fight
Swing to Ocks Lair
Beat Doc Ock