How to make a save file for post-game categories

By SlyfincletonSlyfincleton. Last updated

In order to run the categories "Pizza%", "Lover Not a Fighter", "Shutterbug", or "All Races", you will need a save file that has completed the game and gotten swing speed eight, as well as having done none of the missions for those categories. It may seem like the easiest way for someone who has already completed the game to use their save file that they used to complete it, but in reality it is likely that save file isn't going to work for one or both of the categories I mentioned.

This is because when playing through the game as an any% speedrun you're going to do the first Mary Jane mission (if you're using the current route), which will invalidate any "Lover Not a Fighter" runs you do on that file. If you play through casually, you most likely thought you had to do the first pizza mission to progress. If you completed that mission you invalidated any pizza% runs you could do on that save file. Using the "HCRAYERT" code too early can cause the Daily Bugle Missions to be inaccessible, which would stop you from running Shutterbug. If at any point you complete a race, you won't be able to complete an "All Races" run, since rules currently state that runs in that category must start with 0 races completed.

So here's the easiest way to set up a save file that hasn't done any of the pizza, Mary Jane, or daily bugle missions for those categories:

1. Start a new game (If you don't have any save files you can skip this step)
2. Play through the game, skipping the pizza mission, until you complete the first daily bugle mission (the one with the empire state building), making sure to play until the "Mission Complete" screen appears afterwards.
3. Go to start another new game.
4. Enter the "HCRAYERT" code to skip to the end of the game, enter the name, and close the menu.
5. Gain 50k hero points without completing any Pizza, Mary Jane, or Daily Bugle missions or any races to progress to chapter 17.
-(unfortunately the points from the code don't seem to count for this)
5.5. (Optional) collect all skyscraper tokens to unlock Wallsprint Upgrade 2 in the store
6. buy swing speed 8 and any other upgrades you want
-If you are using Normal Swing, I recommend not buying Slingshot Jump, as it can cause unintentional launches in directions you don't want.
7. Save the file.

Now you have a save file that can do any of the post-game categories.