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Yo what it do guys
So i'm on my PS3 right and i noticed something.
On the main PS menu under "Game" there is "Saved Data Utility (PS3™)
Naturally in this is save data for sly 2 and 3, which includes a in game "time played" count. For instance my 7:29 sly 3 run has a in-game time of 6:46:26.
I do not know if this has been discussed before or not i just noticed and thought i would bring it up.
Maybe this could work for both full game and episode runs idfk.

Anyway just thought i would point this out, posting it in the series because i didn't feel like posting the same thing twice in both games.


Idk if its really something we need to look into or enforce. I feel as though it works just fine as is now, especially because this cannot be used on a platform like the PS2. As for PS3, its a console and its hard to tell if the harddrive differences will play a role. Same goes for arbitrary things like language and versions.

While it would be cool for people with slower loads, we can't really be sure that is it accurate.

I think this is a thing that is easier to discuss on a platform like discord, so if you want a saying it in Cuber, you can just log onto discord. You know you're always welcome 🙂


After some initial testing (Sly 2), it seems to starts the timing as soon as Sly starts walking around in the main menu (or earlier), perhaps also while changing controls in the menu before starting the run.

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