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I was looking at the Sly 2 speedruns and the fastest runs seem to include out of bounds and cutscene skips. I think they should seperate the glitched runs from the glitchless runs like they do with other games.

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I actually completely missed this thread until now. Would've been easier visible if you posted it specifically under Sly 2.

Given the low amount of runners, as well as the lack of bigger skips (biggest set of skips are in Cairo and save 4 minutes, everything else save a minute or less), a glitchless category wouldn't really serve a purpose. There aren't enough runners to justify adding it, and while we constantly do minor glitches as part of the general movement, a glitchless category would be too similar to regular any%. The current any% category also serves as an All Jobs/Mission category as there are no job or episode skips.

I actually did a glitchless run and you can see for yourself how similar it is.

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