On Advanced Start
7 years ago
United States

Is there a limit on the number of points of advanced start? Because if there isn't I can easily see sub 40 of Space Race any AI/map size, ANCIENT ERA start.

I mean, what is there to stop me from giving myself enough techs to get all the space parts and Apollo program in 3000 BC? It'll be a chore to learn the golden number, and I fear what the AI would do with insane level points... but I can, probably tomorrow.

And I'm making this another thread because... maybe brainstorming on the perfect number. Or safety strategy numbers... and to not clog up the rules thread.

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I'm not sure on the advence start. If we want to run such a category, we shall limits the number of points on default one! That way, we have no one to cheat and try to take advantage giving homself more points