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So this is a new trick that I don't believe anybody has done in a speedrun before in this place. In this video, I show you a place where you can clip through the wall allowing you to skip a large portion of the level. This place is located just over the electricity beams near the beginning of this section of the last level.

This trick also allows you to have 3 Ninjitsu's to use for the remainder of the level (as long as you don't die) which could be used for 3 different parts of the remaining run
- You can use Ikazuchi for the TAS clip to clip through the electricity wall to get to the end of the stage
- You can use Fushin to get past the final section before the Boss
- You can use Ikazuchi and/or Mijin for the final boss

I think this trick will be very helpful to anyone wanting to speedrun the game


Cool. Oddly enough I found that only a couple days ago. I did not think the whole thing through like you did. I was just messing around with clipping.
I should edit all those clips I recorded and put them together.

I uploaded some...but whether or not they are useful is something I am not completely sure of.

Skipping large part of Final section of Last Level

Wall Zipping via Air Kick

Funny Way to Get to Electric Demon


Yeah I've thought it through. I haven't actually timed anything so idk what the fastest way is. Your first video MIGHT be faster than mine. I think getting that extra jitsu my way is good though. I'm sure clipping at some point near the start is faster than running through the whole level

I like those other clips too. Is the 2nd one the same as what the TAS does without Fushin?


That wall zipping like that is the same the TAS uses. I was playing with it a bit and realized it is humanly possibly to do though so I thought people might find that interesting. Fusion makes it easier to do it seems. Kind of the same with how Fusion makes the wall clips easier and makes the character go deeper into the ceiling.

I do not think my first clip in the last level is that fast. You waste a lot of time going up. Running seems faster than clip walking through walls. Found it cool though.